Brushless DC Motors Database
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 We design and manufacture a broad range of precision custom actuators and in-line packages, high-performance electric motors, drives and controllers to meet almost any application, as well as many of the basic components — gearheads, clutches, brakes and feedback devices for our higher-order assemblies and actuators.

 Our product categories are:

  • Actuators: Our aerospace-qualified small rotary and linear actuators and in-line packages are incorporated into flight control, precision electro-optical positioning, radar antenna and other high-reliability systems.
  • Brushless DC Motors: These provide solutions for high-performance and high-power applications requiring maximum performance and stringent specifications.
  • Precision Motors: We supply a wide variety of AC and DC motors, converter-driven, brush-type, specialty split-field and shunt motors, induction & synchronous motors as well as other types.
  • Precision Gearheads: Our Spur and Planetary Gearheads and Custom-designed Gear Systems represent the best in high-precision machining. We custom-design our gears and gear systems to meet your exact speed and torque requirements.
  • Precision Brakes and Clutches: We manufacture a complete line of electromagnetic clutches, brakes and clutch-brake combinations in both standard and wafer sizes, custom-designed to fit your application.
  • Electronics: Our conventional drive systems are utilized for basic motor control applications. Our DSP-controlled drive systems feature cutting edge DSP technology, ease of application and application flexibility for more sophisticated applications.
  • Winding Assemblies, Stators, Rotors, Coils: Subcontract your production of stators, rotors and coils to us. You will be impressed with our experience and sophistication in customized precision winding manufacturing for defense, aerospace and industrial applications.

  Our experienced staff of electromechanical, mechanical and electronic engineers and our quality control and production personnel can offer optimal design solutions for a wide variety of applications. We excel in working with the unique and demanding requirements of complex applications. All we need to begin our design appraisal are basic engineering specifications. Use our Applications Questionnaire to conveniently define your requirements. Our response will give you a sense for our capabilities.

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