Subcontracting your processes and activities to streamline your operations, improve resource utilization and increase profitability
Our build-to-print capabilities coupled with our engineering design and manufacturing core competencies can help streamline your operations and improve your profitability.
We have over 100 years of combined aerospace manufacturing and engineering experience to assist you with your BTP needs.
We are dedicated to Lean Manufacturing and Process Optimization to ensure the highest quality and reliability and timely delivery.
Why Island Components Group?
  • We are the right partner - inexperience can set your program back
  • Our strong technical know-how can overcome unforeseen obstacles
  • Our engineers are on hand to address any issue – electrical, mechanical, processing, materials, piece part; 
  • Typical contract manufacturers cannot offer this level of support

Our BTP capabilities

We provide fabricated, fully tested and ready-to-install precision mechanical and electromechanical assemblies built to your drawings and specifications, including:
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Electromechanical assemblies
  • Linear actuators
  • Rotary actuators
  • Brakes, clutches and brake-clutch combinations
  • Drive electronics
  • Rotors, stators, windings and windings assemblies
  • Position Sensors
  • Junction Boxes
  • Gearheads and speed reducers

Your design, your procedures, your processes

We provide a complete product that is fully fabricated, processed, assembled and acceptance tested in accordance with your requirements. Simply bolt it in place, and it's ready to go, with trouble-shooting eliminated. We have substantial experience working closely with customers using the most stringent quality procedures and processes:
  • We are ISO9001:2008 certified and our ISO procedures apply to all our production activities. 
  • We use your documents, prints, processes and procedures to build your products:
  • Documents are controlled under an electronic document control system
  • We create work instructions and final assembly drawings
  • We have a comprehensive prototype procedure
  • We use your approved sources or our own, whichever you prefer, for secondary processes
  • You retain complete control over your product.

BTP, Lean & 5S

  • BTP is contained within one facility
  •  Manufacturing engineering manager will be assigned to your job
  • Closely-integrated team ensures success and Gets Things Done
  • Electronic work instructions - product built to your requirements and expectations
  • On-line format ensures most current requirements are used
  • Sample pictures or video describe exactly what needs to be done & ensures consistent high quality, regardless of operator
  • Point of use inventory
  • No kitting
  • Inventory organized by order of use
  • Clearly labeled
  • All parts are lot traceable

Assembly -

  • Mechanical Assemby
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Component Winding
  • Wire Harness, Cabling, and Electrical Termination
  • Higher Assembly Integration
  • Complete ATP

Extra services available -

  • System Integration
  • Test Equipment Design and Fabrication
  • Complete Environmental Testing

Overhaul and refurbishment services

In addition to supplying new products, we provide comprehensive overhaul and refurbishment services:
  • completely disassemble, clean and inspect units
  • replace worn or damaged parts, re-apply protective finishes and re-assemble the unit
  • conduct full acceptance testing
  • reverse-engineer units requiring repair parts that are no longer available
  • provide a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty

Request A Quote: Suggested Helpful Items

By providing the following items, you will help us speed our response to you:

  • Complete set of drawings, including all sub-assemblies and piece parts. Format can be .ipt, .iam, .ipn, .ide, .dwg, .stp, .dxf, .igs, .sat
  • Complete set of Process Specifications called out in your drawings. These can be hard copies or in PDF format(Note: If drawings or Process Specs are supplied in PDF format, please make the file sizes as small as possible).
  • Any existing assembly instructions, including digital photos if available
  • Acceptance Test Procedure.
  • A Letter of Authorization on your company letterhead allowing Island Components Group to obtain pricing and delivery from your suppliers.
  • A list of suggested sources for more difficult or hard-to-find items.
  • A Technical Contact (e-mail and phone number).
  • Sample unit or sample hardware if available.

We understand your need for a rapid and accurate response.