Brushless DC Motors Database
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Brushless DC Motors
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DC voltage
Output power
Continuous torque
Torque constant
Shaft speed
IBKB-004 280.0410.181.064.385,137
IBQBG-002 2700.750198.002.001,074.00198
IBTBR-009 3683.8700.491.17144.402,300
IBU-004 283.3000.711.284.328,060
IBX-002 1350.8901.001.51734.00180
IBX-003 2525.0000.501.206.9429,900
ISP-108 2283.2602.533.7734.008,120
ISP-109 2290.6403.243.0024.4012,422
JBB-001 280.0186.172.084.626,224
JBE-001 5920.0755.001.94588.00766
JBG-001 240.17025.704.201.6510,676
JBG-002 240.0100.131.585.505,050
JBH-001 531.120103.006.944.8414,151
JBL-001 240.13018.803.608.513,319
JBM-001 990.9002.511.8372.601,654
JBN-001 300.910313.0011.0011.502,283
JBP-001 650.16034.405.45115.00548
JBR-001 280.0318.452.585.643,926
JBR-002 220.05910.503.204.905,249
JBX-001 48716.80025.003.735.20125,000
JBX-002 285.14090.505.518.223,579
JBX-004 1810.2254.735.9372.503,000
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