Our products are intended for applications where the emphasis is on maximum performance and stringent specifications. They generally are customized to meet special requirements.

Fields of Applications

Our products are used by aerospace and industrial customers in areas such as:

  • Fuel controls for air, sea and ground equipment
  • Flight controls and other critical aircraft applications
  • Fin actuation for missiles and smart bombs
  • Medical, surgical and dental tools and devices such as respirators, orthroscopic surgical tools, pumping systems and centrifuges
  • Factory automation, robotics and other high-performance industrial applications
  • Oilfield services;down-hole applications
Design Features
  • High temperature operation up to 220°C
  • Specs reflect high energy/high temp SmCo magnets
  • Optional NdFeB magnets
  • 3-phase Delta winding standard; Wye optional
  • Class 'H' insulation standard
  • Adheres to MIL design standards
  • ABEC 3 bearings standard
  • Feedback sensor options available
Performance Features
  • Low cogging torque provides improved servo efficiency
  • Vacuum environments
  • Autoclavable up to 1000 cycles
  • Highest torque and power density
  • High torque to inertia ratio
  • Windings optimized for each application
  • High operating efficiency