Silent stop failsafe brakes
For a summary of our electromagnetic brakes, clutches and brake-clutch combinations, see Precision Brakes and Clutches.
Our silent stop failsafe brakes have maximum 49 dBA under normal office lab environments, and are asbestos-free.
Our products generally are made to order and our standard products are usually modified to meet specific customer requirements.  System modifications also can be made to improve performance and/or reduce cost.  We are a valuable resource in the early stages of design development.

Frame sizes and other parameters:

Part Frame Torque Outer Length
number size (in-lb.) diam(in.) (in.)
SBF-08 8 1 1.38 0.89
SBF-17 17 3 1.775 1.06
SBF-30 30 7 2.3 1.27
SBF-45 45 50 3 2.05
                 Note: See Dimensions and Ordering Information in catalog.      

Fail-safe brakes catalog:
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