Research and Development

  • We balance optimal design with cost-effective solutions. We design and manufacture most of the individual components and model the system to ensure that it operates correctly and reliably.

    Most of our products are made to order, usually as variations of our standards to meet specific customer requirements. Our actual range is much wider than shown in our catalogs. Our motor controllers cover a correspondingly wide electrical range and may be packaged within the motor frame or externally. Supply voltage may be as high as required by the application, with typical aircraft transients and EMI requirements. We have exceptional skill in analog or digital control.

    Our electromechanical, magnetic and electronic engineers have decades of experience in designing complex electronic motion control packages, including actuators and electronics for many of the target drones that are used today and the electronics design and electromechanical design of fin positioning and propulsion drives for underwater vehicles. Members of our research and development staff have published technical articles in motor design, magnetics and electronics and have several patents in motor design.

    We use several proprietary motor optimization and magnetic design software packages to develop new high-performance systems. Our engineers are exceptionally well-equipped to develop state-of-the-art applications.

    We Utilize:

    1. Design Software tools

    -Computer-aided-design(CAD) and modeling software

    -Motor optimization software

    -Design software for brushless, brush-type, hysteresis, synchronous, induction and stepper motors

    -Matlab and Simulink

    -Various DSP and Microprocessor development tools

    -Electronics Circuit Auto-routing software

    2. Prototype Development

    -Prototype system and dedicated model shop

    -Prototype modeling to manufacturing of a complete functional prototype

    -Pilot production of AC and DC motor designs, digital-processor-based motor controllers with Vector Control and Space Vector PWM

    -High-power-level sensorless AC and DC motor controllers

    -Modeling to ensure suitable interface matches