Getting to Know Island Components Group

Getting to Know Island Components Group with Bill Brown

In November of 2021, Lisk acquired Holbrook, NY manufacturer Island Components Group (ICG). We sat down with Bill Brown, President, Motor Division, to learn more about Island Components Group, their history and their capabilities.




When was Island Components Group founded?

Island Components Group was formed in 1992 with the goal of becoming a premier supplier of electric motor and actuators. Through a strong foundation in engineering the company quickly gained the reputation as a key motor design center. With the addition of a strong manufacturing team shortly thereafter, the company transitioned into a turnkey motor producer with extensive design, manufacturing and testing capabilities supporting mainly high end military and aerospace applications. In 2017 we added space processes and qualifications to our capabilities and expanded into the space market place.

How would you describe ICG’s company culture?

Our company culture is built around teamwork while leveraging our employee talent and experience. As a small company we rely on our employees to wear multiple hats which not only helps the company, but also helps employees expand their skill sets.

What products does ICG manufacturer?

We manufacture electric motors and actuators for primarily high reliability aerospace and space applications.

What manufacturing certifications does ICG have?

ISO 9001 & AS9100 plus numerous aerospace/space soldering and workmanship certifications.

What is one of your favorite memories working at ICG?

My favorite memory working at ICG has been being selected by NASA as a key actuator supplier on the Mars Sample Return Mission.