Motor gearheads


Gearheads transform the speed of a motor into the speed that is needed for the specific system requirements. At Island, we utilize both planetary and spur gearheads which both have a variety of advantages depending on their use case. Our team of experienced engineers will work with you to determine the right gearhead solution for your specific application.

Planetary Gearheads

Planetary gearheads are designed in a way that mimics a solar system, thus their name planetary. Multiple planetary gears rotate around the centrally located sun gear. The specific design determines the amount at which the speed of the motor is transformed. The size ratio of the wheels and the number of teeth will determine the reduction ratio and torque output.

  • High Torque
  • Compact Size
  • Gear Ratio Range from 2:1 to 18,750:1
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Spur Gearheads

Spur gearheads are designed in a way that larger gears line up with smaller gears to ultimately create a reduction in motor speed. The gears are mounted in parallel offset shafts from one another and the meshing of the smaller and larger gears transforms the speed of the motor. Leveraging more of fewer gears will determine the reduction ratio and torque output.

  • Gear Ratios of 4:1 to 18,000:1
  • Mounted directly onto Motor or supplied as a special speed reducer
  • Availability to add friction slip clutch and anti-backlash
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