Island Components Group, a G.W. Lisk Company, is Selected as a Supplier for NASA’s Mars Sample Return Program

Credit: NASA


Clifton Springs, NY, May 25, 2022 – Island Components Group, a G.W. Lisk Company, has been selected as a supplier for NASA’s Mars Sample Return (MSR) program. Island Components Group (ICG) will have a critical role in the mission, designing and producing the Workhorse Actuators that form a part of the Capture, Containment and Return System (CCRS), which is the primary payload aboard the MSR program’s planned Earth Return Orbiter mission.

The Earth Return Orbiter, to be provided by the European Space Agency, would launch in 2027 with the goal of returning samples collected by NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover to Earth. The program would utilize multiple space vehicles with a goal to return the samples to Earth in the early 2030s. NASA believes these first collected and returned samples could help answer the key question: “Did life ever exist on Mars?”.

“We are thrilled to be trusted with this critical assignment on this historical mission and we look forward to being part of the team that successfully returns the first Mars samples to Earth” stated Bill Brown, President of Island Components Group.

Island Components Group has a long history of supplying critical components that help enable our country’s space exploration missions.  ICG has over 25 years of experience providing qualified motors, actuators and controllers for mission critical applications in the aerospace, defense and space markets.

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